17 and very gay. uk. boobs&tattoos

Hey waffle. Bbm pin is 2a5417dd and my number still ends in 219 if you have it, don’t have iPod now or just email me for number? Haha

should text meeee like, made me smile a bit that did, awww


Erm don’t have ya number hahahah you still got bbm?

Off to football with mum and grandad, oh the joys

u wouldn't cuddle anyone younger ? but why?


Because I’m over 16 and that’s like illegal if anything sexual happens

I've seen you on a few different blogs now and every time I'm like, wow she's beaut and then I realise its you again but just a different picture ha.


Pahaha thanks

what if shes not immature?


I won’t sleep with anyone under 16 because I’d lose my job and could get sent down

why 16?


I prefer older and I find if there much younger than me that they are so immature it’s horrid

youngest you would date?





If it is then omfg I miss you so much too and I’d like to see you too and I really hope your doing alright and staying strong and I hate you lots but I don’t really because I’d never ever hate you and if Peter Pan is your fav film then your name is still on my bedroom wall

Peter pan


Is that your fav film?