17 and very gay. uk. boobs&tattoos

I need your help. How did you come out to your mum? I haven't come out yet, and I need to as it is stressing me out. Any advice at all would be amazingly helpful. Thanks!


first of all- dont put yourself in any danger, if coming out is going to cause others to harm you in any way at all, then dont put yourself in that situation, wait until your safe and you are confident.

secondly- dont stress! remember, there is nothing wrong with you, its not like your telling someone that your really ill, you are just making sure they realise who you actually are!

third- if they dont like your sexuality, they are not true friends! same with family, even though you are related, anyone who cant accept you for who you are doesn’t deserve you in there life!

forth- make sure you have fully accepted your sexuality yourself, if you are yet to come to terms with who you really are, then be patient and wait till time is right!!

and now my coming out story-

my story with my mum is pretty boring, i brought a girl home one evening, we walked downstairs holding hands and my mum went “oh is she your girlfriend” i was like “erm yeah…” and my mum went, “is she staying for tea?” and that was the end of that!!

my dad on the other hand, i was always nervous to tell him, so as of yet i havent told him.. but i think he already knows! i sort of came out to him at my leavers school prom, i kissed my girlfriend at the time infront of him and almost my whole school year, so yeah!

if you ever need someone dont be afraid to contact me again !!!



love & lesbos ☻♡


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